Family Art Time

Family Art Day
Spending time as a family, is so very important in these busy times we live in. Art is a creative outlet that my wife and I have always tried to encourage in our children. Over the years the kids have developed a love for creating and producing various forms of art. Sometimes we'll sit down as a family and draw a still life set up. Its really fun to see the same objects drawn from a different perspective. When we finish our drawings we all share what we've done. I think it is a great way for a family to stay close.
This picture is something I drew in my sketchbook.

My wife liked it so much that she suggested we scan and print a copy for all of our family to colour.
heres my sons...

here's my daughters...

Here's my wife Carmelinas...

and here's mine...

We had alot of fun sitting around the table, talking and colouring.
You should try it with your family too!
You might be surprised by how much fun you can have.
Bye for now!