20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Thar' Be Ink Matey's
I finally let go of the pencil crayon for pages eight and nine of my sketchbook!
The movie these actors were from has always been a favourite of mine since I was young.
Kirk Douglas and James Mason were a lot of fun to draw!
Here is the source material.
Robert Redford and Paul Newman, The Sting!

 Robert Redford and Paul Newman grace page six and seven
of my sketchbook.
I attempted to use only my pen for this one, but in the end I cheated and 
decided to use some marker also.
Okay, you caught me...I also used some pencil crayon 
on the background too!
Oh well, I suppose, theres always page eight and nine!

Here is the source material.

Sean Connery and Kevin Costner, The Untouchables!

Sean Connery and Kevin Costner were my choice for page four and five of my Sketchbook.
Again the sepia tone is carried forward.
I enjoyed the art for this page but I think for my next two pages 
I'm going to focus more 
on using the pen for contrast instead of pencil crayon.
Here is the source material.

Sherlock Holmes And Watson Drawing

Elementary, Dear SketchBook!
This is page two and three of my sketchbook project.
Sherlock Holmes and Watson from the movie due in December.
I was trying to maintain the sepia tone for this and do it in a "children's book" illustrative sort of way.
I really enjoyed drawing the clothes in this one.  You have to like the top hat!
Please keep in mind that it is just supposed to be quick sketch....I could capture the actors likenesses better with more time.
Hope you like it anyways?

Here is the source material.