Sherlock Holmes And Watson Drawing

Elementary, Dear SketchBook!
This is page two and three of my sketchbook project.
Sherlock Holmes and Watson from the movie due in December.
I was trying to maintain the sepia tone for this and do it in a "children's book" illustrative sort of way.
I really enjoyed drawing the clothes in this one.  You have to like the top hat!
Please keep in mind that it is just supposed to be quick sketch....I could capture the actors likenesses better with more time.
Hope you like it anyways?

Here is the source material.


Anonymous said...

I do indeed still like it! Your style is amazing, never give up, never surrender! Hehe

I understand what you meant when you mentioned the hat! It sure is stunning!

Ciao Bello!

Bella Bliss

Anonymous said...

As I sat beside you, watching you 'capture their likeness', I was blown away at how fast you did just that! They are definitely recognizable...and I just have to officially tell you what a great job you did here and now!

good job, Mr. Lounsbury!

ciao amore mio

Anonymous said...

What a truly fantastic job! You have an amazing skill for drawing. You where able to capture the likeness of these two characters with so musch ease it's unbelievable!