Sean Connery and Kevin Costner, The Untouchables!

Sean Connery and Kevin Costner were my choice for page four and five of my Sketchbook.
Again the sepia tone is carried forward.
I enjoyed the art for this page but I think for my next two pages 
I'm going to focus more 
on using the pen for contrast instead of pencil crayon.
Here is the source material.


Anonymous said...

I love your work, honey!
You have a talent and I'm so happy that this sketchbook project has proved to be a wonderful catalyst to further creative works!

Well done, Mr. Lounsbury!

ciao bello mio

Anonymous said...

The sepia tone on this page is wonderful and I love the little pop of colour that you added with the blue suit. Once agian you where able capture both characters likeness. Great colour choices.

eda-88 said...

Cool picture!


eda-88 said...

I like it