Sketchbook Completed!

Took a little bit of procrastination, a little bit of pressure, but, I was finally able to start my sketchbook. I'm glad my wife and I joined the sketchbook project this year for I found it to be a very satisfying experience.  It certainly aided that my family sat down together to draw.  My wife and I both surrendered the last page in our sketchbooks to our children.  I told my son that he could draw whatever he wanted and low and behold he chose me as his subject!  I must be doing something right?!
I think he did a fantastic job!
Below is the sketch my daughter drew on the last page of my wife's sketchbook.
Both kids make me proud with their artwork!     

 Well that's it for the sketchbook.  Now I need to get back to work on the children's story book I started.  No procrastination this time!  Art is a fantastic outlet.  Try it today!


Happy Days!

Sunday, Monday, Happy days!  Classic television the way it was meant to be!
I sure had a lot of fun watching this show with my family.  It always had a good message or lesson in each episode.  These are officially the last two pages of my sketchbook.  I finished the book in record time (at least for me) and mailed it off to the Brooklyn Art Library!  I must say I really enjoyed the time I spent engaged in the sketchbook.  For the most part my wife and two kids sat with me at the kitchen table while we each drew something.  I think we all had a good time.  Especially since there isn't a whole lot of good television shows to watch as a family anymore, it was nice to have something to do as a family.  Do you have something you enjoy doing as a family?  Art is a fantastic way for a family to spend together.  You don't have to be a master artist either to have a good time.  Why not try it yourself?!

Here is the original picture I went from.  Pretty close?
P.S: I went back to my older posts and added the source material for reference.
The Dukes Of Hazzard

Bo and Luke Duke are two characters from one of my favourite shows from youth.  They'd cruise around the fictional hazzard county in the General Lee charger, righting wrongs like two modern day Robinhoods.
True, they don't really fall into the 1930's category I chose for my sketchbook, but I just had to include these guys.  
Heck, I still get excited when I see a 1969 dodge charger, it's still my favourite car! 
         Here is the source material I used.

Star Trek: A Piece Of The Action

Well, I bet you didn't expect to see a picture from a science fiction source for my vintage 1930's sketchbook?  Star Trek is one of my favourite shows and wouldn't you know they had an episode where they visit a planet where the buildings, auto's and clothing apparel look much like the 1930's!  Hey, I couldn't miss out on a chance to draw captain Kirk and science officer Spock!  From the TV shows to the movies I've followed the characters exploits.  No, I haven't seen every episode and I'm not a "Treker", but I do enjoy the show as well as the other offshoots of the Star Trek family.  I'm just about done giving you the tour of my sketchbook. Hope you've had fun so far?

 Here is the source material.
Little House On The Prairie

For the 23 & 24 drawing spread I chose Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert from the family show I watched when I was young.  Little House on the Prairie was beautifully written and filmed.  It taught the audience, the value of good morals.  I've never talked to anyone who didn't enjoy this show. Did you watch the show and if so did you enjoy it?
Here is the source material...two photos blended.
High Road To China

In 1983 Tom Selleck starred in an adventure film called High Road to China.  Bess Armstrong was his feisty costar in the movie, which was set in the 1920's.  I've always had an interest in aviation which is why I remember this movie fondly.  I really like how this drawing on pages 22&23 turned out.
Here is the source material.


Indiana Jones

"Shee junior, itsh ush in the drawingsh!"  
Who doesn't love a good adventure?!  The Indiana Jones movies are clearly that!  So, therefore, I chose Sir Sean Connery and Harrison Ford for my 20th &21st drawings. Their on screen chemistry, playing father and son (Even though in real life they're close in age), was hilarious.  I chose to use a marker for the shading in this sketch.  It has a nice look I think. So do you have a favourite sketch yet?
Here is the source material.


My brother and I, would save each other daily from disasters and fires with only the aid of our trusty vacuum hose and tin box full of high tech medical screw driver and tupperware.
Okay, I'll admit, perhaps we watched the TV show Emergency a little to much!
Good memories though!   Kevin Tighe played Roy DeSoto and Randolph Mantooth played John Gage  on the show that aired in the 70's on TV.  I used a pen to draw them and a pencil crayon for the brick.
What show did you like as a child?
Here is the source material.
Batman and Robin

That's right chum!  I chose Adam West and Burt Ward for my next two page drawing spread.
Did you ever watch the show?  It was quirky and campy!  But, that was no mistake! It was meant to be!  I incorporated a little bit of marker into this drawing.  For those who have been keeping up...which sketch in my book do you like the best so far?  Not sure, well don't worry because there is still more to come...same bat time same bat channel!  Sorry, couldn't resist!
Here is the source material.

"Look!  Up in the air!  It's a bird! It's a plane!"....It's Lois and Clark!  For the 14th & 15th drawings,  I selected two actors from the infant stages of television. George Reeves and Noel Neill worked wonderfully well together and really made the young viewers of the day, believe that a man could fly!
Much to the chagrin of some parents, I'm sure!  I know I enjoyed watching the show on DVD, but don't worry honey, I won't be jumping off our garage in any attempts to fly!  But, wait,...where are the kids?!  Well I hope you enjoy this sketch...I'm off to go look for my kids.
Here is the source material.
Gilligan's Island

"Now this is a tale of our castaways..."  Come along now,  everybody sing!  Come on, I know you know the words?!  Yes that's right, I couldn't help but hum the theme song to Gilligan's Island while I worked on this one.  Sorry, if I've got the song stuck in your head now?!
This is the 12th and 13th drawings in my sketchbook for those of you keeping track.
If you're looking for a hobby that will help you develop your drawing abilities, then I strongly recommend you check out the "Sketchbook Project".  I can definitely see how it's aided me in my art.  So check it out..."Okay, lil' buddy?!"
Here is the source material.


Continuing on in my sketchbook, I chose two characters from another movie I enjoyed.
The rocketeer was a fun adventure movie that was set in the 30's.  It's been enjoyable using solely the pen for this drawing.  I think the sketchbook project has increased my freeness in the execution of my art.  Now I see why my wife has been after me for so long, to start a sketchbook. I'm just sorry I didn't follow her advice sooner!
Well, I hope you like this sketch?!
Here is the source material.