Batman and Robin

That's right chum!  I chose Adam West and Burt Ward for my next two page drawing spread.
Did you ever watch the show?  It was quirky and campy!  But, that was no mistake! It was meant to be!  I incorporated a little bit of marker into this drawing.  For those who have been keeping up...which sketch in my book do you like the best so far?  Not sure, well don't worry because there is still more to come...same bat time same bat channel!  Sorry, couldn't resist!
Here is the source material.


Michael said...

Robin is our connection secure? You bet Batman!
Great then lets comment!

You really put a lot of wam bam pow into that drawing. I love the marker that you are using. I can't help but "wonder" how you drew Robin.



To be perfectly honest...I can't stand....

that show....

but I love your drawing! It is Holy Smokes, amazing!

ciao bello mio


*Bella Bliss* said...
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*Bella Bliss* said...

That looks so good!

Ciao Bello!

Bella Bliss