Gilligan's Island

"Now this is a tale of our castaways..."  Come along now,  everybody sing!  Come on, I know you know the words?!  Yes that's right, I couldn't help but hum the theme song to Gilligan's Island while I worked on this one.  Sorry, if I've got the song stuck in your head now?!
This is the 12th and 13th drawings in my sketchbook for those of you keeping track.
If you're looking for a hobby that will help you develop your drawing abilities, then I strongly recommend you check out the "Sketchbook Project".  I can definitely see how it's aided me in my art.  So check it out..."Okay, lil' buddy?!"
Here is the source material.


Anonymous said...

Now where's that boy? Gilligan! There you are boy! Go get the Professor so that he can help me to figure out how to work this keyboard. I can't resist commenting on this grand blog. Sure thing Mr. Howell.

You captured the likeness of the skipper and Gilligan so well that I am willing to give you my house in myami for it.

Mr. Thirston Howell III

Anonymous said...

I have prepared a special post for my blog featuring this two page spread...because

I love it.
I love you.

even added a link for ya darlin'

ciao bello mio

Anonymous said...

Now THAT MY FRIEND, is A M A Z I N G! I'm glad that you are drawing so much now, especially because that sketchbook project.

Ciao Bello!

Bella Bliss