My brother and I, would save each other daily from disasters and fires with only the aid of our trusty vacuum hose and tin box full of high tech medical screw driver and tupperware.
Okay, I'll admit, perhaps we watched the TV show Emergency a little to much!
Good memories though!   Kevin Tighe played Roy DeSoto and Randolph Mantooth played John Gage  on the show that aired in the 70's on TV.  I used a pen to draw them and a pencil crayon for the brick.
What show did you like as a child?
Here is the source material.


Anonymous said...

Emergency! There's an extremely amazing artist in blogland that could take over the universe! He goes by the name of Terry. LOL.

Another amazing drawing.

Anonymous said...

Ohh! That's amazing!

And I can't answer your question because I am still only a child! LOL!

Ciao Bello!

Bella Bliss

Anonymous said...

I love how this sketch looks like it was taken with a flash camera! The highlights are perfect!

well done, if I do say so myself!

ciao bello mio