On the "Ball Point" Pen Drawings

Here is one of my sketches, complete with shading and great tonal values.
Have you ever done a drawing with a regular writing, ball point pen?

This is an inventive and imaginary photo of my wife and I set back in time.

Looking at a work of art done in blue ink is unique. I try to keep my lines sketchy and free flowing so that there is energy and life in each pen stroke. More to come.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

when you have such a beautiful subject, i guess this is easy! however, i sure as heck couldn't do it! this is fabulous! what talent!!! between you are your wife!!! you'll own the world!!!

Anonymous said...

surprise! Stefania already beat me to being the first comment here!

i'll have to get after her! lol

hope you like your banner and Etsy header....

ciao amore mio!


Marlene said...

How wonderful that you and your talented wife can share your love of art. Your drawings are excellent, so full of detail and life. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Rizzi said...

Great art work, specially with a ball point pen. Love your header, you and carmelina were born to draw.

Serena said...

Hi Terry,

I thinks it's so great that you and Carmelina share a common love of art. Your ballpoint drawings are fabulous and sooooo detailed. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


Sandy said...

Great project to do and I'll be following along. Love those blue and white sketches. Might have to give that blue pen idea a try. Only worked with black so far.

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Terry! This is amazing work! I came across your blog through visiting Stef's and glad I did. This is very good!!

Carmelina: Awesome job on the banner too!!

Happy Blogging!