High Road To China

In 1983 Tom Selleck starred in an adventure film called High Road to China.  Bess Armstrong was his feisty costar in the movie, which was set in the 1920's.  I've always had an interest in aviation which is why I remember this movie fondly.  I really like how this drawing on pages 22&23 turned out.
Here is the source material.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I don't know how you can draw a picture that looks like you traced it, in ONE MINUTE! Great job!

Ciao Bello
Sensible Sarah

Anonymous said...

This drawing is one of my favourites in the book honey! You did such an amazing job of the entire project. I'm sorry we weren't able to go and have a peek at all the entries in Toronto last week......

had fun drawing it with you just the same.

ciao bello