Little House On The Prairie

For the 23 & 24 drawing spread I chose Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert from the family show I watched when I was young.  Little House on the Prairie was beautifully written and filmed.  It taught the audience, the value of good morals.  I've never talked to anyone who didn't enjoy this show. Did you watch the show and if so did you enjoy it?
Here is the source material...two photos blended.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did enjoy the show. It was quite peaceful...

Amazing drawing. It looks like a black and white photo!!

Keep up the fantastic work!

Ciao Bello
Sensible Sarah

Anonymous said...

I'd rush home after school everyday to get my homework done and out of the way just so I could sit and watch Laura Ingles on Little House on the Prairie.

I loved that show so much, I even wore my long hairs all braided up like her and walked around the farm with an old tin bucket as a pretend lunch box. I'd go into the back of the barn and imagine it was the school house....ahhh..good memories. Did I ever tell you that?

ciao bello mio