Star Trek: A Piece Of The Action

Well, I bet you didn't expect to see a picture from a science fiction source for my vintage 1930's sketchbook?  Star Trek is one of my favourite shows and wouldn't you know they had an episode where they visit a planet where the buildings, auto's and clothing apparel look much like the 1930's!  Hey, I couldn't miss out on a chance to draw captain Kirk and science officer Spock!  From the TV shows to the movies I've followed the characters exploits.  No, I haven't seen every episode and I'm not a "Treker", but I do enjoy the show as well as the other offshoots of the Star Trek family.  I'm just about done giving you the tour of my sketchbook. Hope you've had fun so far?

 Here is the source material.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are truly talented. I love the shading you did with the pen and then the pencil crayon just adds even more AWESOMENESS.

Fantastic job'

Ciao Bello
Sensible Sarah

Anonymous said...

Ahh....brings back memories of our honeymoon...all this talk about Star Trek!

nice work baby.


Haddock said...

Like those sketches especially when compared with the original.
You have made Mr Spock's ear very prominent :-)