Sketchbook Completed!

Took a little bit of procrastination, a little bit of pressure, but, I was finally able to start my sketchbook. I'm glad my wife and I joined the sketchbook project this year for I found it to be a very satisfying experience.  It certainly aided that my family sat down together to draw.  My wife and I both surrendered the last page in our sketchbooks to our children.  I told my son that he could draw whatever he wanted and low and behold he chose me as his subject!  I must be doing something right?!
I think he did a fantastic job!
Below is the sketch my daughter drew on the last page of my wife's sketchbook.
Both kids make me proud with their artwork!     

 Well that's it for the sketchbook.  Now I need to get back to work on the children's story book I started.  No procrastination this time!  Art is a fantastic outlet.  Try it today!


Anonymous said...

Michael did a great job! An yes, you ARE doing something right!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you chose to let me use the last page of your book! You most certainly are doing something right!

Have a great day!
Michael Lounsbury

Anonymous said...

It was fun to have our kids fill in the last page. I love drawing with you honey! We should sit down together soon....

Ciao amore mio

CrimsonLeaves said...

Both you and Carmelina are such a fabulous and oh so creative couple. No surprise that your kids are following in your footsteps.

I've so enjoyed looking through your Sketchbook project book! Your work is wonderful, Lee, and I love those dolls you made your wife!

Now? I have to visit Michael's blog. I think he is the only one I'm not following yet!